Thursday, 16 April 2009

is the name of the star of my next book that i am working on


  1. You spelt it wrong, it's got an O in it.

  2. Is it about a chain-smoking psychic snooker player? That's the image this name and the font conjures up to me. He's psychic and used to solve crimes for the police but discovered that he loved snooker more, so became a snooker player. Sadly he's not very good at snooker, and his psychic gifts are rendered useless, so he's tormented by the feeling that he's wasting his gift, and also tormented by the scornful thoughts of other players. "Larry's rubbish" they think, "What an idiot, going for the blue there. The black was an easy shot and would have left him on for the red to the centre pocket. Then the blue, and he can break up that pack of three reds at the bottom cushion. The stupid fool." "He's rattled. He'll miss this. I hope he doesn't miss it, it's getting embarrassing. Maybe I'll miss my next shot just so he gets the chance to win one frame. The stupid idiot."