Saturday, 11 September 2010

Edinburgh book festival 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Edinburgh book festival again this year.
It is the most amazing place at the best of times, but with the Book festival on, it is EVEN more magical... sigh..
anyway, I did a workshop about Sunny McClouds "SMILE!" story.
Here are a few snippysnaps and little facts of the day...

We read stories

We played games (stick the smile on the Sunny)

We made spare smiles incase our own smiles ever get lost (it does happen)

We made paper Sunnys

... all in an hour! (nice and jam packed).

Then I got excited about seeing a gaggle of my books perched on shelves.
(Especially the shiny new ones "SCRUMMY!" and "LIMELIGHT LARRY")

Then I signed some books (without making any smudgey mistakes thank goodness).

I hope everyone enjoyed it.
I did!


  1. yay! welldone. Limelight Larry looks superb. Look forward to seeing him on the shelves.

  2. aw thanks cassia.
    and congratulations on your lively elizabeth book. looks fabulous.
    i also like the look of your quentin fox. he is great!

  3. Looks like it was great - love the pin on smile idea!