Thursday, 19 January 2012

how to make my russian dillydolly cushion.

cut out all the pieces

match the pocket pieces up (inside out)and pin.

sew around the edge keeping to the printed line as best you can (you can see this through the fabric).

make sure you don't sew the flat edge at the top (as you will need this open to be able to turn it inside out).

carefully snip around the curve (this makes a neater finish when you turn inside out and prevents bunching and crinkles around the seam)

turn inside out so that the 3 pockets are the right way around.

fold the unprinted seam in on itself and neatly sew. (It might be easier to hand sew the 2 smaller pockets as is quite fiddly)

sew each of the 3 finished pockets on the correct size dillydolly.
(again, the smaller pocket may work best if hand sewn)

pin both pieces of each of the 3 dillydolly together inside out.

sew each of the 3 dillydolls, making sure to leave the flat edge of the bottom open (again, this will be used to turn them inside out).

carefully snip around the curved edges into the seam (making sure not to cut into it). again, this will give a better finish and prevent bunching.

turn all 3 dillydolllies the right way around.

stuff each one then turn in the seam and neatly sew up by hand.

it works best if you do each one in turn, starting with the smallest.

make sure not to overstuff the smaller ones as remember they have to fit snugly in the pockets!

and here they are awake!

sorry about the not so great photos. light was not good.
also, may i recomment that you use good scissors not rubbish blunto ones that i used.
(where have my good scissors gone?!)

hope you like, this is just the prototype.
have a few tiny tweaks to make before i send off for the real ones!


  1. This is adorable! I am definitely making these for my kids. Thanks for the step by step instructions Leigh.

    p.s. Today Limelight Larry is in the Limelight on my blog today. Come check him out if you have time! :)

  2. glad you like... and thanks for including me in your picture book friday jennifer. what kind words. i am honoured! x