Wednesday, 25 April 2012

hebrew and brazillian limelight larries!

i have just recieved a couple of excitied foriegn editions of lazza limelight.
this one is the Brazillian version
Olavo Holofote is his name!
the cover is different to the UK version. 
i like it!

this version is the hebrew version.
i am not sure what larrys name is here as i cannot read it at all- but i am sure it is something marvellous.
i love the hebrew versions- they look so strange to me as they flip every image and the whole book is read backwards with the book spine on the right.

larry is saying "HELP!" in hebrew (top)
and in portugese (bottom)

both co-editions have done a simply amazing job with the hand lettering, keeping the look and scribbly nature of how the origional looks.

well done chaps!

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  1. I really love the cover of the Brazillian version, it's very striking!