Thursday, 3 May 2012

magical mix-ups "Birthdays and Bridesmaids" is published today!

the first of a new chapter doodly book "Magical Mis-Ups" hits the shops today!
it was written by the rather brilliant Marnie Edwards and illustrated by yours truely.
see what our publishers Nosy Crow have to say about it here.

my favourite bit is when they call me "cool and contemproray".ha! I suppose i am cool, if the new cool is being not cool that is. I always saw myself as luke warm (who ever he is!). very nice never the less.

fingers crossed all of the fairy/princess/witch/pink loving little girls like it.

how cool are nosy crow?! Today they sent me a lovely fox card and this whistly birdy keyring. it is such a clever idea, as the birdy has a house that you are meant to stick on the wall- so when you come indoors you have somewhere pretty to put them.

thanks nosy crows... you are fab!

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