Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wonkybutton etsy shop progress

 i promise you i am not being idle... look, stampy stickers (bringing out my role playing retro librarian tendancies!)
 in these little stripy bags are squeakers and bells to put in the McBabbys as part of their snippysew craft kits that i will sell.

here are the celophaned up to the eyeballed McBabbies

and  here are the russian dilly dolllies.

even though they are packaged up- i still need to sort out their instruction postycards.

it has all been a little frustrating as i have been having lots of production hitches (that i am still in the process of resolving)... crikey all soooo time consuming. am trying to keep focused on the bigger picture but it is hard when you are juggling lots of balls and you don't even like jugglers.


  1. exciting news, sorry to hear about all the hitches but am sure it will be a fantastic when it all comes together

  2. It all looks gorgeous Leigh!

  3. I always find things take longer than I anticipated, but it will be so worth it, it's all looking very exciting and I love those stickers!

  4. Oooh please hurry up! I can barely wait. It looks wonderful!

  5. sorry for being such a slow coach! i am trying hard to move things along but sooo hard when illustrating books and looking after toddler. will get there sooooooooooooooooooooooon!