Tuesday, 9 October 2012

canvas artwork for charity

i was asked (thanks to steve lenton) by stars on canvas to do a little painted canvas for this years stars on canvas. for the Willow Foundation charity.
lots of good people (steve lenton included) have created their own canvas artwork which will be going up for auction to anybody who wants to buy later this autumn... so start counting your pennies!

so that is what i have done today!
it has a bit of everything in... bar anything digital (wowee did you think that was at all possible?)
paint, buttons, stitching, collage and sequins.

here is a little time lapse of how i did it. (colours are a bit on the dodgey side- but oopsy nevermind)

 close up details include stitching around the face and a woolly cape bow

nothing like a bit of rickrack to finish of a skirt

 nice beady pointy eyes glaring at sky stars

my messy desk...

... and the end result!

all i have to do know is paint the hero star with glow in the dark paint and send it off to them.
i hope they like it!

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