Wednesday, 7 November 2012

wonkybutton shares the love!

this was meant to come back from the printers as a nice promo postcard to give to nice folk.
but the stupid printers printed the wrong thing (they printed my business card all big and postcardish)
so this postcard will have to wait a jiffy and be patient
the image makes me smile though so i wanted to share it

at least i will have huge big business cards now to give out to people for their handy huge postcard size wallets that they all carry around with them.


  1. I really love all your postcardy/business cardy cards, no matter what size!! They are really happy looking! I must look for a postcard sized wallet to carry with me in case I should bump into you!

  2. Thanks Jessie! Good luck with the huge wallet. And then you will have to buy a huge bag... Where will it end!?

  3. ha, ha, ha!!! (makes me chuckle!!)