Wednesday, 2 January 2013

very nice indeed reviews for goldilocks and just the one bear

one by wonderful american librarian on Librarians Quest blog
read it here.

aw, such nice comments make me smile in my tummy and go whoop whoop in my brain, i do believe that this has made my year so far!

also, i meant to mention this nice review from Read it daddy blog back in october 2012, but must have got waylaid with domesticity and tantrums and being a grown up or something.
better late than it here.

just a little heartfelt thank you for all the people who like and review my stuff- it really does mean a lot to me just to know that i am not loopy (or maybe that i am loopy, but that is actually ok and appreciated!)


  1. I visited your blog today and what did I see but this reference to my review. This makes me feel so wonderful, Leigh. And I love the bear picture with the heart. I'm so glad I discovered this book. Thank you.

  2. ah glad you found me and my blog! and thanks again for the lovely review. have a wonderful day!