Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Frodsham Lit fest goldilocks event

last week i travelled up to frodsham near liverpool for their first ever literary festival "WeaverWords" where i did a "Goldilocks and just the one bear" event.
it was very noisy and fun.
i read some stories, did some very bad upside down drawing and talked about how i make pictures.
i was amazed at the really beautiful collages that the children made...

 I have never seen a bunch of such glamorous goldilockses (or is the collective noun for that "goldili"?). i loved their beautiful skirts and was quite jealous that i don't own any skirts so lovely. I think perhaps we have some inventive fashion designers of the future in our midst!

And what a gaggle of handsome bears. Any doctor Who would be proud to sport a scarf like that i am sure!

what a very wonderful group of children in Frodsham... and parents!
Thanks to all who came and made it so fun.

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