Wednesday, 27 July 2011

princess and witch

so here is a princess and a witch.
they aren't the ACTUAL princess and the ACTUAL witch that will be in the book i am making for nosy crow.
But the toad is the ACTUAL toad. I think his name is boris.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rotherham Childrens Book awards 2011

So, caryl hart and i were up in sunny rotherham last week for their childrens book awards.
it was a busy jam packed day of children, felt cupcakes, children, snakes, pies, children, authors, illustrators, craft activities, children , balloon modelling, children and awards!

we got to hang out with the lovely C B Lindsay (author of "Who Ate All the Pies") and Ally Kennon (author of "Sparks") and winner of the key stage 1/2 catagory Pete Johnson (author of " Spook School: Horror From the Deep

we were up for best picture book with "Don't Dip Your Chips In Your Drink Kate" against stiff competition (Julia Donaldsons "What the Ladybird Heard" illustrated by the marvellous Lydia Monks and Judith Kerrs "One Night At the Zoo") so were not expecting anything. But you 'll NEVER guess what... we won!

here is the nice shiny trophy i did get.

thanks children of rotherham... and thanks to all at the book awards!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Don't put your pants on your head fred!

so.... "Don't put your Pants on your Head Fred" is out out out!

it is the second collaboration with the loverly Caryl Hart and is the follow up to
"Don't put your Chips in your Drink Kate!
it is about getting dressed, soldiers and most importantly.... PANTS!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

eebee house

i know this isn't strictly booky stuff... but it is creative.
a little house for a little girl.

material to be used for the house (i am a sucker for all things spotty and gingham)

peices cut out of plyboard and assembled in garden

matieral cut and hand sewn onto the wooden panels

the back panel is a black board.
so it was painted then road tested by a little girl

the finished article complete with curtains and roof!