Thursday, 28 June 2012

magical mix-up badges

woohoo got a pocket full of mix-up badges through the post today from the lovely Nosy Crows!
the world would be a sadder place without badges
everyone loves a good badge or two.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wonkybutton etsy shop progress

 i promise you i am not being idle... look, stampy stickers (bringing out my role playing retro librarian tendancies!)
 in these little stripy bags are squeakers and bells to put in the McBabbys as part of their snippysew craft kits that i will sell.

here are the celophaned up to the eyeballed McBabbies

and  here are the russian dilly dolllies.

even though they are packaged up- i still need to sort out their instruction postycards.

it has all been a little frustrating as i have been having lots of production hitches (that i am still in the process of resolving)... crikey all soooo time consuming. am trying to keep focused on the bigger picture but it is hard when you are juggling lots of balls and you don't even like jugglers.

LIbrarymice Mix-Up Book1 review

have a look at the lovely review that librarymice gave our first doodletastic mix-up story book here!

i am not really a pink loving girlie human person type thing- so imagine my surprise when i found myself illustrating a book all about princesses and fairies with only pink in my palette.... gulp. lucky there is a witch in it and it is quite fun also for sensible girls who don't just want to grow up to be fairy princesses.

i am in the middle of illustrating book 3 now- which is brimming with magic pets and all sorts... brace yourselves!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

cupcakes for clara interview

i meant to mention this last week when it actually happened.... but like always i have been super busy, so didn't have time. but never late than never hey?!

uber mummy/crafty/bloggy/business lady laura clempson very kindly did a lovely interview feature of me and my work on her fabulous blog cupcakesforclara (her blog alone is worth looking at as it is bursting with creativity and warmth that makes you feel proud to be part of the human race (or maybe jealous that you can't be productive and make better use of your time... ahem!...)

to have a look at the tinterview, see here 

this image is grumpy clara (one of lauras creations).
we love to see a good illustrated grump. there are not enough of them about.
hail the grump!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Independents top 50 summer reads

Hoorah la la- things are looking up UP UP
"Goldilocks and just the one Bear" has made it into the Independents top 50 best summer reads.
Lovely jubbly.
have a look here

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Nosy crow appy book tree

the lovely Nosy Crows asked me to do a little illustration for their website "Books" section.
So i did this.
See it in situ here

Thursday, 7 June 2012

paperback "goldilocks and just one bear" is out now!

if you are busy eating cat biscuits with a spoon on the floor.... then STOP!

if you are busy having a bubbly bath with your boots and scarf on... then STOP!

if you are busy having a nice relaxing nap... then STOP!

as the paperback of "goldilocks and just the one bear" is out out OUT!

i have even done a little guest blog for the Nosy Crows over here

phew.... thank you...
now relax... 
as you were...