Thursday, 16 December 2010


ho ho ho happy christmas everybody!

what every christmas tree needs is a little angel
lucky for you there is an easy peesy one here
to make
just cut out and assembly. no glue needed
. (sticky finger free crafts are the way forward)

hope all your chrsitmas dreams come true (except the one about the scarey santa)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Sheffield childrens book awards 2010

Whoop whoop!
Don't Dip your Chips in your Drink Kate got Highly commended for the Picture Book catagory and the Community Library award!

here is a shakey movie of what the kids had to say about it....
(I wish i wasn't a sensitive little artist about the fact that the favourite page was one with hardly any illustration!)

piccy of Caryl Hart and me with important people (the one with the nice bit of bling is the Mayor of Sheffield i think!)

and of all the shortlisty people!
inc "Morris the Mankiest monster" illustrator
Sarah McIntyre
,"The Great Dog Bottom Swap" by Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka and "Dear Miss" author and illustrator Amy Husband.
Well done to all... was so amazing to be amongst such a talented gaggle of authors and illustrators.

Caryl and I scoffing paper cakes after a busy crafty work shop in the Winter Gardens (brrrr)

mmmn.. a nice cup of tea to boo

Limelight Larry Crafts

larry (the show off)

bunnies (side kicks)

trees (props)

ooh what a lame blogger i am.
i blame it on the babay... sigh... yawn...
here are photos of some Limelight Larry crafts.
am pleased with the bunnies, but think larry is a bit fiddly and not so graphic and simple (that's peacocks for you i suppose).
Publish Post

will upload the cutout craftables for anybody and everybody to make in a day or two...