Tuesday, 19 February 2013

magical mix ups #3 "pets and parties"

the third installment of nosy crow doodle chapter book series "magical mix ups"(written by marnie adwards and illustrated by moi)  is called, "Pets and Parties"

this one is a bigger size (although you cannot tell in the photie)
it is a4ish, which is fab as it means there is even more space to colour, design and doodle in

it features girly princess sapphire and her best friend scruffy witch emerald

 it is sapphires birthday and all she really wants is a pet of her own (not a toad like boris though, maybe a nice sweet fluffy one with less warts).

 their adventure in this book takes them to see amazing agathas animals at the theatre.
with acrobatic guinnea pigs, a magic rabbit  and a dancing dog called darren.
if you need to know what happens... you will have to get the book and find out for yourself!

magical mix ups in french!

here are a couple of copies of the french editions of magical mix ups second book
"friends and fashion"
i didn't even know it had a french co-edition, so was thrilled to recieve this through my letterbox

oooh, i would very much like to go to "L'epicerie magique"
do you think they have one in brighton?

troll swap advance copies!

whoop whoop here they are!
troll swap in hardback and in softyback
troll swap is my latest picture book with nosy crow
will be out in real live actual shops in march i think

100% genuine trolls guaranteed

100% genuine good little boys and girls included

100% good trollish story on lovely woodf ree paper (swoon!)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

lovely blog mention for goldilocks!

have a look here on illustrations 365 blog.
so nice to hear about my books weedling their way across the globe into the hands of people who take a shine to them.
makes me feel one lucky lady

thanks kelly, you are a gem

wonkybutton lampshade!

 i found a horrid old lampshade in a charity shop.
horrid fabric that is, but lovely big shape
so promptly bought it
ripped and snipped off the horrid fabric (keeping the fire resistant fabric on)

i chose a couple of my wonkybutton snippysew samples to chop up and use
(the russian dillydollies and some christmas fairy decorations).

 using the horrid fabric panel as a template i chopped up fabric to creat 6 panel peices.

 then sewed it onto the lampshade.

the sewing was a bit frankenstien blue peter at times.... but wno cares!

then i sewed on a nice big trim on the bottom and a nice green and pink ribbon on the top and put it up in our little snug room.

i know i know, if you look closely at the middle picture, there is a little section of trim missing. i guessed, i mean miscalculated how much trim i needed... so need to go back for a little bit more and sew it on to finish it off good and proper.

but i love it! looks nice and homely and old fashioned, but with a wonkybutton twist.

very easy peesy, and very satisfying.