Wednesday, 25 July 2012

telegraph mention for one bear!

goldilocks and just the one bear get a little mention in the telegraphs children's books for the summer
which is meltingly lovely.
thanks nosy crow for bringing it to my blurry sleep deprived attention!
so glad that this book is being well received... i think i shall have a little ice lolly to celebrate.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

second magical mix up book- friends and fashion

ooh look what i recieved in the post... my advance copies of the next doodle-tastic magical mix up book- friends and fashion.
illustrated by me and written by marnie edwards. published by those lovely nosy crows

think it will be out in the shopperoonees in sept 2012.
but for those of you who can't wait (hello? are you out there?!) here are a few little peeks inside...

princess sapphire delves into the world of whizzing up a little number on the old  royal sewing machine

 witch emerald concocts a crazy potion to make spotty pet toad boris better

the girls are horrified at some of the outfits at the fashion show.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

what more babies?

more little newbees have arrived
so i made some cards for them.
me being a lamo maximus haven't written in them or posted them yet. (one thing at a time hodgkinson)
so lets hope the new mummies are too busy cooing and dealing with meconiam to be looking on this blog.