Thursday, 26 April 2012

a lovely little mention on "pocket change"

my wonkybutton blog gets a nice little mention on shopping lifestyle blog Pocket Changes Best of the Web no.62 feature.
have a look and see!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

hebrew and brazillian limelight larries!

i have just recieved a couple of excitied foriegn editions of lazza limelight.
this one is the Brazillian version
Olavo Holofote is his name!
the cover is different to the UK version. 
i like it!

this version is the hebrew version.
i am not sure what larrys name is here as i cannot read it at all- but i am sure it is something marvellous.
i love the hebrew versions- they look so strange to me as they flip every image and the whole book is read backwards with the book spine on the right.

larry is saying "HELP!" in hebrew (top)
and in portugese (bottom)

both co-editions have done a simply amazing job with the hand lettering, keeping the look and scribbly nature of how the origional looks.

well done chaps!

magical mix-up book 2 proofs!

an exciting day of real post (sorry mister postman- but at least you will get big muscles for cycling up that hill)
today i saw the proofs of my second magical mix up books for nosy crow.
this books accent colour is purple (nice!)
this book is about fashion shows and ill toads (always a magical combination)
was pleased to see how it has all come together
this book will be out in sept 2012 i think

trip to the roald dahl museum

ah..... lovely mister dahl... where do i start!
well, i did write my degree thesis on you (a good excuse to re-read all those books!)
wonderful day out at the museum in great missenden using the special golden ticket that i won for being in the 2012 roald dahl funny prize shortlist.

the cakes and coffees in the cafe were whizz-poppingly amazing too.
i might sign myself up as an freelance oompaloompa so that i can get staff discounts.

here is me in the famous dahlmobile replica.
i am waiting for a good idea.
the good idea that i eventually had was that i had better get out of the chair pretty pronto as there was a bit of a queue forming behind me.

on the dahl-o-matic-measurer i was the same height of mrs twit. so it was quite accurate.
my husband incidently was the same height as mr twit. i wonder what this means? (he is a bit hairy beardy these days it is true).
gosh- wasn't the Boy Dahl a tall human bean!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


this is tabitha for my new book (the troll book)
this is some scruffy artwork before it is polished and scrubbed up to look neat and proper-ish.

birthday biscuits

yum yum yum

toot toot -lovely goldilocks and just the one bear review

read here on library mice

i  never really realised that my colour palette was retro... but i guess it is. i do like a bit of green orange and pink it is so true.

thanks libraby mice squeak squeak!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

found you cushion

another prototype for my wonkybutton etsy shop.
this time a cushion.
quite like it (although i haven't yet finished the button hole detail on the back..... just waiting for a mo to get to the button shop (ha ha any excuse!)

mister dolleebee (part time superhero)

here is mister dolleebee in his superhero outfit

 and here he is in his evening wear.
note the superhero cape is turned around and used to make his smart bowtie front.
also note that the masked eyes peek in a different direction!

i wasn't quite happy with his belly ballooning pantaloons so have modified the design.
i guess this is one reason why it is taking me ages to refine and get right my wonkybutton etsy shop products.
(that and the fact that i am really busy with my books... all good but i wish i had some ompalumpas)
nearly there though- hope it will be worth it!

and here is misterdolleebee with dolleebee in the rocking chair.
i think you will agree that they sure make a swell couple.

making more textures for my troll book

it is quite a good stress relief making big fat spodgey painty scribble textures.
all useful for snipping up and sticking to make collage artwork for my new book.
everything always ends up on the floor at the end of the day (me included usually)
i like the abstract way things fall and look on the dark brown tiled floor.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One bear review in the sunday times!

here is a pic taken by uber booky guru mister alex t smith whose fab latest "Claude" book also featured in the review.
lovely also to see my good pal yokoconut with her lovely hans and matilda book featured in the main banner.... go yokococo!

was really wonderful to be reviewed- but i do long for the day when people say something nice about my work without mentioning the magical lauren child. i am just me really, i can't do anything else (ahem...gets of high horse)

unfortunately i didnt have time to get the paper as i was too busy scoffing my little girls chocs (it is what any good mother would do!)

have a looky at the fab nosy crow blog to see more details.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

collage flowers

spring is here.... look what lovely flowers i have found.
ok ok, i will come clean, they are not real.

they are some collage artwork for the troll book i am making
(yes, trolls and flowers do mix as it happens)