Tuesday, 25 September 2012

magical mix ups book 3 - Pets and Parties

am nearly finished the 3rd magical mix ups book - pets and parties (by marnie edwards, published by nosy crow)
here is a scruffy pile of inky artwork on the floor
i hate drawing things twice- so praise be to working part digitally so you can smarted things up and tweak till everything looks acceptable.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Goldilocks and me interview on US blog

right you lot- when you have finished scoffing your breakfast why not have a look here on the fab "Two Writing Teachers" blog. 

i was lucky enough to be asked a few rather interesting questions about all things "Goldilocks and just the one bear". This Nosy Crow book is now out in the USA and published by candlewick over there. (in the US the book is called "Goldilocks and the one bear" by the way).

i was so thrilled to get a few rather nice comments at the end of the interview. makes me feel pleased that i am not a crazy doolally person and sometimes i get it right!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Troll Swap

here is the cover to the picture book i have just finished with nosy crow

it is troll swap
it has a troll in it
it has a swap in it
troll swap

it won't be out for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages as has just gone of to proof this week.
i wish i wasn't so impatient!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

BookARoo review....

Have a look at BookARoos (aka superstar author caryl harts) cheek reddeningly nice review about "Goldilocks and just the one bear" here.

i love the fact that she said it was snort-out-load-able. snorting is always a good reaction in my book (2the book of snorts"....it hasn't been published yet)

Goldilocks crafty thing to do

if you would like to make a collage goldilocks or bear for yourself (like the children in the blog post below did) then you can!
it is as easy as pie... (or porridge)

 here is what you do.....

-           Print out a goldilocks, or a bear (or both if you are greedy like me)

-           Get a blank piece of paper or card and make either an interesting scribbly furry bear texture, or a nice pattered skirt collage for goldilocks.

-           Get somebody to help you cut out the grey area of your goldilocks/bear.

-           Then stick your special textures and patterns that you have made behind your goldilocks/bear.

-           Use cut up bits of material/paper to add nice details to your picture (bear scarf/ goldilocks body)

-           use pencils/crayons/pens to colour in and finish off

-           make a nice bear snout and stick on some googly eyes for your bear

-           draw or collage big golden hair and stick on googly eyes if you like for your goldilocks

and da-daH! there you have it!

Frodsham Lit fest goldilocks event

last week i travelled up to frodsham near liverpool for their first ever literary festival "WeaverWords" where i did a "Goldilocks and just the one bear" event.
it was very noisy and fun.
i read some stories, did some very bad upside down drawing and talked about how i make pictures.
i was amazed at the really beautiful collages that the children made...

 I have never seen a bunch of such glamorous goldilockses (or is the collective noun for that "goldili"?). i loved their beautiful skirts and was quite jealous that i don't own any skirts so lovely. I think perhaps we have some inventive fashion designers of the future in our midst!

And what a gaggle of handsome bears. Any doctor Who would be proud to sport a scarf like that i am sure!

what a very wonderful group of children in Frodsham... and parents!
Thanks to all who came and made it so fun.


a big fat hairy sorry for being a lamobloggerer.

i really don't know how other illustrator/authors manage to wrangle their blogs as well as working and being a real person. i find it so hard.

when i mooted this before, it was suggested that other people cheat. so that makes me feel a little better.
perhaps they have a ghoster bloggerer
perhaps they have a stop/start/pause machine or a time machine which would help
or... perhaps they don't have children!

anyway... i have just moved house to lovely lewes in east sussex and haven't had the internet... so that is my excuse!