Tuesday, 30 April 2013

bookbag review of troll swap

really pleased that wonderful Boogbag could see beyond the cheeky veneer and  got the essence of my latest book "troll swap".

have a read of it here

thanks bookbag, was a really considered and thoughtful response to the meaning of the story.
has made my day!


hand illustrated baby cards

yes yes i know, i have made OOOOODLES of baby cards the last couple of years (having babies must be in fashion or something?)

as you might know,i  am doing the lewes artwave open studios this year, and i am making hand made illustrated cards to sell. they do look cute....

Friday, 26 April 2013

broach designs for wonkybutton

here are some quick broach designs i did which i will hopefully make and sell in my etsy wonkybutton shop. they will be made from lasercut perspex. very exciting indeedy oh yes.

i hope you like the detail... particularly the cats bottom (hoping that is not too silly, i would wear it if that counts for anything)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

my new picture book TROLLSWAP was out a week(ish) ago

i was off the radar being ill and looking after ill small children when the book came out (boo hoo)
but, it IS out (yey!)
and in case you  have forgotten, it is like wife swap, but with trolls
you can have a look at it here
or here

this is a scan of some origional artwork before it was tweaked and made neat and tidy and acceptable on the poota.

hope you like the book!

dolleebees and mister dolleebees all packages up!

at last have packaged up my dolleebee and mister dolleebee snippysew sets.
i am going to be doing the lewes ARTWAVE in august this year where i will be showcasing all my wonkybutton wares and the etsy shop will be open in the autumn yip yip!

in these little stripy bags are the bits of ribbon and elastic that you need to make your dolleebees

bunnies for charity

yes i know i know.... yet more bunnies..... but it has been easter, and i am a sleep deprived mummy of new baby so have to do something that is easy peasy and doesnt use up my limited brain cells.
 anyway, this happens to be for a very good cause for lovely and amazing  emi howe who is raising money for kids cancer charities with her bonkers "The Pants Hat Project" (have a look at her blog HERE!)

i did these illustrations for her to auction at a fund raising event for charity.
so i hope they help raise a bit of money (fingers crossed)

 i smudged a bit on the paper at the last minute.... so as this was REAL LIFE artworjk and i couldnt cheat on the poota, i made the smudge into a feature and added some flutterbys

look, bunnies in pants! (apart from one naughty bunny hee hee!)

felted bunny picture for baby jodi

 i made this for my lovely new little neice jodi...

i felted the bunny and bits (crotcheted body and beaded eyes)  onto a bit of flat felt...

i embroidered on some detail in the flowers and name...

and i put it in a frame....
hope she likes it!