Monday, 13 December 2010

Limelight Larry Crafts

larry (the show off)

bunnies (side kicks)

trees (props)

ooh what a lame blogger i am.
i blame it on the babay... sigh... yawn...
here are photos of some Limelight Larry crafts.
am pleased with the bunnies, but think larry is a bit fiddly and not so graphic and simple (that's peacocks for you i suppose).
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will upload the cutout craftables for anybody and everybody to make in a day or two...


  1. I love Limelight Larry! Your artwork is fantastic. Do you/are you planning on selling prints or posters?

  2. hey you
    glad you like larry (i wont tell him, else his ego will get even bigger)
    i am planning to do some larry prints in the new year, so you can snap one up then if you fancy it