Wednesday, 27 April 2011

one bear

Hello there.
I am the bear in the book leigh is working on.
It is to be called "Goldilocks and the One Bear".
I am the One Bear.
I used to be little.
But now I am big.
That is life I suppose.
In the book I get lost and then I get dizzy and then I get hungry and then I get sleepy and then I get wide awake and then I meet up with an old friend and then I eat some yummy porridge and then I go home.
That is also life I suppose.

ps. the spoon I am holding is my special porridge spoon. every bear has a special porridge spoon don't you know.


  1. this little guy is so cute!
    and I love your site, and I adore!!! your animations

  2. Your work is very special. I'm jealous of your style!

  3. The bear is VERY charismatic by the way!!! He has lovery personality :))) The drawing is superb!!! Looking forward to see the rest of the book now!!!