Wednesday, 27 July 2011

princess and witch

so here is a princess and a witch.
they aren't the ACTUAL princess and the ACTUAL witch that will be in the book i am making for nosy crow.
But the toad is the ACTUAL toad. I think his name is boris.


  1. oh my i love this illustration!! aah so happy to have found your lovely blog your work is fab and I can look out for your books for my daughter :)

  2. Very cool. I like them a lot :)


  3. Wonderful! I'm so happy I found out this blog and tis picture it's just perfect: I have a daughter who loves to be a princess and a fairy-witch!
    I'm italian and my child and I read "Smile" and we're looking for other of your book in italian. Do you know if some others of your books are translated in italian?
    thanks so much for your work: i'ts amazing!

  4. thanks for lovely comments folks. ah.. that makes me happy!

    biblilium, i think my colin books were translated into italian (i think he is called fellini in italian!?!).
    i think having a fairy-witch for a daughter must be truely wonderful!