Friday, 11 November 2011

dolleebee before snipping

oops, forgot to put this up yesterday.
was hard to take a good shot as weather grotty and grey and flappy.

thanks for all nice comments...much appreciated all


  1. Leigh, Oh my goodness what a joy to come to see your blog and your beautiful website. I am a fan of your wonderful and beautiful work. You are hilariously marvelous to me. I appreciate how you share your fabulous world with both child and adult. It's amazing your delightful gift. You inspire me in ways I can't even begin to tell you. Just seeing your face and your workspace and your creative spirit is like sunshine to my soul. I wish you much more and even greater success as you spin your delightful stories and illustrations that warm and cheer the hearts of many. I maybe lots older than yourself, but you are a great teacher. Best wishes and creative flow to you always,
    Vanessa Brantley-Newton

  2. oh what an amazing comment... thank you vanessa.
    so nice to hear people "get" and appreciate what i do. it makes all that banging my head against a brick wall worth it! this world is such an eclectically wonderfully creative place, and i find creativity makes us all so much more human. there definately needs to be more space for this amongst the boring grown up stuff of tax returns and disposing of junk mail.
    thank you again vanessa x