Thursday, 23 February 2012

magical mixup "Birthdays and Bridesmaids" book!

my advance copies of the first "magical mixup" doodly chapter book with the Nosy Crows arrived in the post today. Think it will be out in marchish?

I illustrated the book and it was written by the wonderful Marnie Edwards.

It is for ages 7+ and  features bonkers besties Emerald the Witch and Princess Sapphire who whizz about unravelling mixups galore. in the book the mixup is a wedding and a birthday party.

It is the twin sister book for the uber brilliant "mega mash up" series where the reader is encouraged to doodle and design and finish the illustrations... can think of anything more fun!

We are just putting the finishing touches on book number 2... and there are even more to come!


  1. This looks fantastic Leigh! So much fun! I will definitely be getting myself a copy to doodle in ^_^

  2. They look fab! My son loves Mega Mash-Up and no doubt my daughter will be into these :0)