Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mix-Ups at Hay Festival 2012

i am doing a glittertastic magical mix-up event at this years hay festival. exciting.... as i have never been there during the festival whoop whoop!

so in between drawing trolls i have been devising my workshop and have some fun crafty things up my big sleeves. we will be making paperdolls and costumes for main characters Sapphire and Emerald and also a rather nice paper fairy mobile featuring three fairies from the book (Princess Sneezebelle, Queen Mimsy and Twinkle).

below is just me quickly testing out the mobile peices to see if they work ....
 Princess Sneezebelle

Queen Mimsy


 group shot

and this is eebees and Grandma Brendas colourful additions!

didnt get around to hanging them from a string to form a mobile- but that is the idea. Also at the festival i will be armed with suitable amounts of glitter, sequins and other sparkly matter. should be fun!

it is sold out already.... gulp!

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