Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Goldilocks crafty thing to do

if you would like to make a collage goldilocks or bear for yourself (like the children in the blog post below did) then you can!
it is as easy as pie... (or porridge)

 here is what you do.....

-           Print out a goldilocks, or a bear (or both if you are greedy like me)

-           Get a blank piece of paper or card and make either an interesting scribbly furry bear texture, or a nice pattered skirt collage for goldilocks.

-           Get somebody to help you cut out the grey area of your goldilocks/bear.

-           Then stick your special textures and patterns that you have made behind your goldilocks/bear.

-           Use cut up bits of material/paper to add nice details to your picture (bear scarf/ goldilocks body)

-           use pencils/crayons/pens to colour in and finish off

-           make a nice bear snout and stick on some googly eyes for your bear

-           draw or collage big golden hair and stick on googly eyes if you like for your goldilocks

and da-daH! there you have it!

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