Friday, 23 November 2012

"bear with me" ctd....

here are some more photos of my "bear with me" artwork

here is my red bear enjoying a cup of tea in my garden shed

the waves and the bear have been stuck on (eat your heart out blue peter!)

this is the only way to do your boring domestic chores....

snippy hand lettering to balancing precariously.

to look at photos of the red bear in the travelling sketchbooks journey so far, do look here


  1. creeeeeepy... I've just posted a pic on my blog of a sea collage I've been making for my art course and then read your fabulicious blog - the waves are almost the same as yours! spoooooky... Yours, however, have much more supreme gorgeousness with stitches etc. and general lovely skilfulness!! Your bear page in the sketchbook looks fabulous, can't wait to see the finished article. Jo x

  2. hey jo... how funny, what good taste we must both have! i must admit that i am a sucker for origami paper, and this wave pattern is one of my favourite. hope your artcourse goes well.
    i must say that your sea looks amazing!i love the fabric/paper patterns you have used. x

    1. thanks Leigh! I too am a sucker for all things paper, thanks for your lovely comments - its amazing to have feedback from someone as fabulously talented as you - I'm off for a lie down now...x