Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One bear review in the sunday times!

here is a pic taken by uber booky guru mister alex t smith whose fab latest "Claude" book also featured in the review.
lovely also to see my good pal yokoconut with her lovely hans and matilda book featured in the main banner.... go yokococo!

was really wonderful to be reviewed- but i do long for the day when people say something nice about my work without mentioning the magical lauren child. i am just me really, i can't do anything else (ahem...gets of high horse)

unfortunately i didnt have time to get the paper as i was too busy scoffing my little girls chocs (it is what any good mother would do!)

have a looky at the fab nosy crow blog to see more details.


  1. I didn't think of Lauren Child when I saw your work. I just thought it was beautiful and colourful! Keep up the amazing work :)


  2. aw thanks emma, that means alot.
    it isnt that i dont like laurens stuff- i do, it is just annoying when people always link me with her stuff.
    love your blog by the way... really fun and creative!

  3. No problem!
    No I can understand that...her work is great, but you want people to go "wow, look! It's Leigh Hodgkinson's work!" :) Not a bad illustrator to be compared too though!
    Aw thankyou!:D
    Hoping to get my dummy book sent off soon. Scared!

  4. hee hee bless you emma for your kind words.

    good luck with your dummy book. dont be scared.... just be determined!

  5. :D Anytime!

    Thankyou! I'm very determined...just worried they'll turn me down...I want to make books so bad!:)