Wednesday, 25 April 2012

trip to the roald dahl museum

ah..... lovely mister dahl... where do i start!
well, i did write my degree thesis on you (a good excuse to re-read all those books!)
wonderful day out at the museum in great missenden using the special golden ticket that i won for being in the 2012 roald dahl funny prize shortlist.

the cakes and coffees in the cafe were whizz-poppingly amazing too.
i might sign myself up as an freelance oompaloompa so that i can get staff discounts.

here is me in the famous dahlmobile replica.
i am waiting for a good idea.
the good idea that i eventually had was that i had better get out of the chair pretty pronto as there was a bit of a queue forming behind me.

on the dahl-o-matic-measurer i was the same height of mrs twit. so it was quite accurate.
my husband incidently was the same height as mr twit. i wonder what this means? (he is a bit hairy beardy these days it is true).
gosh- wasn't the Boy Dahl a tall human bean!

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  1. The Roald Dahl Museum is soooo much fun; big congrats on winning a golden ticket : )