Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pencil skirt kitty

.this one is a real easy peasy one to make...
Cut out both the pieces keeping neatly to the outside cutting line
Pin both pieces together with the printed side facing inwards.

Sew around the edge keeping to the printed line as best you can (you can see this through the fabric). Make sure to leave the flat space in between the two ears unsewn . (You will need to leave this open to be able to turn the right way and stuff later).
Carefully snip around the curved edges of  the seam (making sure not to cut into the sewn line). 
This will give a better finish and prevents bunching around the seam when you turn it inside out.

Turn the Pencil Skirt Kitty the right way around and stuff.

Hand sew up the opening.

and here she is... Miss Pencil Skirt Kitty.

She is a bit of an oddity- maybe thinking she is too spindly for a nice big fat comfy cushion, 
And she looks a bit like a big spanner... not sure if i will go full steam ahead with this one for my etsy shop.
Hmm... but maybe she would be good with a tv remote pocket on her skirt (it would be exactly the right shape for that). A tv remote storing cushion... too gimmicky or a brain wave?


  1. Hi, I recently discovered your blog (via the lovely Cupcakes for Clara) and I love your books and your characters! I think the cute animals and doll you have made are awesome, will they be available to buy?

  2. hey jessie... so glad you found my blog! that missus clara cupcake is lovely isn't she!

    in answer to your quesion, yes my stuff will be available to buy. am currently setting up an etsy shop, but it is taking longer than i thought as am so busy making books too. it is exciting though

  3. oooh I shall look forward to your shop!