Wednesday, 11 April 2012

mister dolleebee (part time superhero)

here is mister dolleebee in his superhero outfit

 and here he is in his evening wear.
note the superhero cape is turned around and used to make his smart bowtie front.
also note that the masked eyes peek in a different direction!

i wasn't quite happy with his belly ballooning pantaloons so have modified the design.
i guess this is one reason why it is taking me ages to refine and get right my wonkybutton etsy shop products.
(that and the fact that i am really busy with my books... all good but i wish i had some ompalumpas)
nearly there though- hope it will be worth it!

and here is misterdolleebee with dolleebee in the rocking chair.
i think you will agree that they sure make a swell couple.


  1. They are indeed a very swell couple. I do love their eyes!

  2. Did you print onto the fabric yourself or did you do it online?:p



  3. thanks jessie!
    emma... i am not clever enough and dont have nearly enough time to print it myself (i would love to be able to though). yep- did it with a print company